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Welcome! to the website of Don Johnston/Dawns Images Nature Photography, a premium stock photos site featuring photographic images from across Canada and North America. Licenses are available for commercial, corporate, advertising, and editorial use as well as for fine art prints of varying sizes. The web site features photographs from the natural world including landscapes, environmental subjects, animals, plants, impressionistic images and natural patterns. Our site features unique, artistic images with strong, natural colour, made with up-to-date professional camera equipment, computers and software. 

2016 Newsletter (summming up 2015 exploits)

The 2016 newsletter Part 1 is available to you as a pdf. And here is Part2 and Part 3

Don Johnston is a professional wildlife and landscape photographer based in Lively, Ontario, Canada. He is an accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada PPOC.

Info for photo buyers. Now you have an option to search my images exclusively on the stock photography site. Clicking the link below will take you to Alamy's search engine that will provide search results from over 20 000 images I have on the Alamy site. You have the opportunity to create lightboxes and use Alamy's calculator to determine licensing prices. An image license may then be purchased through Alamy.

Stock photography by Don Johnston at Alamy


Our site offers the following features:

  • Large zooms of our stunning nature images, with accurate subject and location captions
  • A stock list available for download
  • A search engine to find exactly what you need
  • An expanded database with over 15 000 photos
  • A variety of new galleries to browse
  • A lightbox to save your �short list� of selected photos (login required)
  • Payment options through PayPal

Legal Stuff

Copyright to all photos, text, & designs on this site owned by Don Johnston.  You may not use, copy, sell, publish, license, or otherwise distribute any of these photos, text, & designs without the written permission of Don Johnston. None of the images on this site are in the public domain and none may be downloaded or copied by screenshot or any other means, for any use such as blogs websites, electronic, print media etc., unless a license for the use has been agreed to and paid in full.

Just Added!

Recent Work Galleries now updated (as of this week in July 2016). This section now contains Galleries for Texas Hill Country wildflowers and South Texas birds 2015. Images have been added to two Close to Home (Ontario) Galleries for 2014-2015. Travel west and north to the NWT and Nunavut in both 2014 and 2015 requires four Recent Work Galleries. And lastly I have included images from a trip to Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota last summer to photograph animal babies as well as some adults and scenes

Some Changes to note:

As of July 2015 I have moved images from older Recent Work Galleries to their appropriate subject galleries. These galleries continue to grow so you may wish to use the Search feature to find a targeted group of images, if you are looking for something specific.

Coming soon

Cuba- Central Havana street photography (December 2015), local winter, spring and summer imagery as well as an extensive tour to the US Red Rock Country in the winter of 2016. These images are in the queue for editing now.




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