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Stock Research

• Got time? Browse the Galleries of photographs in Stock categories such as Birds, Mammals, Landscapes or Recent Work galleries.


• In a hurry? Use our Search link to find images targeted to a specific subject, location, season, colour, or concept. Search will return images from Hidden galleries for a broader selection.


• Didn’t find what you were searching for? Please email or phone the office with your request. There are over 50,000 more images in our general files. Contact me by email or telephone.


Personalized Lightbox

• Once you Register you may create a lightbox where ‘short lists‘ of images may be bookmarked for review at any time. You will have to log in each time you re-visit the site in order to have access to your lightbox of images.

• Alternatively our office will post a selection of requested images (from the site or larger office files) to a hidden gallery.


Comp Use

• Images on the site are protected from casual downloading.

• If you would like to have a jpeg in a larger size for comp use…

• Use your Lightbox. Add selected images to the lightbox and then send me a query requesting comp use jpegs. Include your email address and we will send you larger jpeg images for comp use.


Stock List

• A comprehensive alphabetical stock list is available in order to provide an overview of our files.

• It is organized into nature and stock photography categories.

• Please feel free to copy, paste and e-mail portions of this list to our office in order that we can fulfill your stock photography requests.

• Note. If you copy and paste, you will have to change the colour of the gold text in your word processor- unless you like the gold type!


Image Sources

• Some images are scans from 35 mm film, predominantly Fuji Velvia and Provia. Nikon and Leica cameras and lenses were used for the slides. Nikon scanners were used for scanning.


• Digital files are produced from Nikon cameras and Nikkor lenses. See: Bio, ‘What’s in the Bag?’ for details on cameras, scanners and other important hardware, currently in use.


• All digital files are derived from converted NEF/RAW files using Adobe Photoshop/Camera Raw, and more recently Nikon Capture NX2.


Low Res Images

What follows is a Note about the website’s image quality. It includes my image policies, disclaimers and guarantees.


• The images on the site are low res jpegs (72 dpi @ 600 x 400- roughly), derived from optimized tiffs.

• They are displayed in the sRGB colour space, which is the recommended colour space for web presentation. The images have been sharpened for web presentation.

• Every effort has been made to accurately represent the colour and detail of each image displayed on the site, however a ‘disclaimer’ is necessary:

Due to many factors including but not limited to: type of monitor used for viewing, and whether it has been colour calibrated (mine has), browser characteristics, types of computers, to say nothing of software advances and changes in optimization techniques I can not guarantee that what you currently see represents the full richness and quality of the final High Res image.


When you order a High Res file


• What I can guarantee is a top quality high res file or Print.

• When you order a high res file, I will make every effort to produce the best quality digital file. Wherever possible I will re-work the original Raw file with the latest software and optimization techniques.

• 35 mm film will be re-scanned if necessary, with the Nikon 9000 scanner.

• TIFs will be delivered (after paying the license fee) via ftp or burned to CD or DVD, and delivered by mail or courier.

• Alternatively I will ship film for scanning by the end user. Standard delivery memo policies will be issued and agreed upon prior to shipping film.


Rates and Pricing

• While I will always try to work within your budget, I charge industry-standard editorial and commercial rates for rights to use my work in your project.

• A license tailored to your needs rather than an all rights package has many benefits to the buyer, not the least of which is lower cost.

• I do not offer my work at Microstock usage rates nor do I license my work ‘Royalty Free’.

• I charge research fees, although this fee (CAD 75.00) will be waived if you decide to license the image.

• I charge for High Res file prep (except for print orders). 35.00 per image burned to disc or delivered by ftp.




• I am available for Natural Light assignment work. Please email or call for a quote.