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Dawns Images Custom Greeting Cards


Don is pleased to offer Greeting Cards in a variety of 6 and 10 card theme sets.

• Each card is hand-crafted on genuine 53 lb. pre-scored, glossy Red River™ stock.

• Card size is 6 1/4” x 4 1/2” (folded) or 6 1/4” x 9” (unfolded).

• Cards are blank inside, with title and photographer’s contact info* on the back.

• Cards are shipped with matching envelopes in a clear protective plastic gift box.

* Contact info on the back of the card can be customized to meet your needs, e.g. your B&B address or your lodge address, etc.





Price List


• Set of six: CAD $14.95+ $5.00 shipping


• Set of ten: CAD $24.95+ $5.00 shipping. (A minimum of 6 different scenes is guaranteed.)t;/p>

I am not required to charge tax or HST.

Ordering Cards

Until an 'Add to Cart' button is added to the Cards section, you have two ordering options:

• You may send me an email with your request

• Or, you may pretend to order a print by clicking on 'Add to Cart' for any image and choose the Card options when you see the Price list. Shipping is included. In the special instructions box, you may indicate your Card Theme.




Theme sets available:

DIC 1: Mammals (red fox, grey wolf, raccoon, chipmunk, moose, porcupine)
DIC 2: Baby Mammals (red fox, grey wolf, elk, deer, bear, bobcat)
DIC 3: Birds (North American songbirds, waders, etc.)
DIC 4: Florida Birds (waders, songbirds)
DIC 5: Raptors (eagles, hawks, owls)
DIC 6a: Wild flowers (assortment)
DIC 6b: Garden flowers (assortment)
DIC 7: Trees (deciduous and coniferous trees from various ecosystems)
DIC 8: Wetlands (scenes, animals)
DIC 9: Northern Ontario seasons
DIC 10: Manitoulin Island (flowers, animals, scenes)
DIC 11: Killarney Provincial Park (flowers, animals, scenes)
DIC 12: Canadian National Parks (scenes)
DIC 13: US National Parks (scenes)
DIC 14: Impressions in Nature (various abstracts)
DIC 15a: Random assortment- scenes
DIC 15b: Random assortment- animals